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Home Grown Greens

  Home of the
Big Green Bang!
Remember the Taste!



Harvest Shares
Heirloom Tomatoes


Golden Ring High Tabby ~ Toes

So long he will not fit in the photo ~ PeeDo

Rare Heart Shaped Tomato


Washing Sprouts


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Shade House

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Hard Seed
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Hard Seed





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Welcome to Three Sisters Farm!  
The Lychee picking has begun, these gems will be ready on June 1
Organic, Sustainable and way, way good  

Gardening Classes
Starting August 23, 2008

SureFire First Time South Florida Gardening
Composting and Recycling
Container Gardening
Organic Pest and Disease Control
Heirloom Seed Germination and Propagation
Urban Farming
Church & School Community Nursery Garden

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Saving Seeds Video

Sustainable, Authentic, Organic, Heirloom, Locally Grown, Tasty, Natural and Oh sooo Fresh ! 

 Organic Heirloom Tomato Plants and Plugs Now Available at Three Sisters Farm





Plant 1000 Gardens

The Say of a Thousand Rings

Once One Thousand Rings
One Hundred seeds from each one risen
And then there were 100,000 thronged
And from them 100 each and so on
Thrice done from now till Then
When we have grown
Rings of Rings
From East to West
From South to North
Each Ring a Voice
Each Voice opened to the Sound
Of the Great Ring
Now hear the Say
Of what the Great Ring Be

Ring of Time
For there all thoughts are shown and patience thanked
It is as Day One
Of the touching
The Age of Dreams where what ifs must be
No more forshaken
The source of life recall �. 

Have you ever had the experience of growing your own food?  

Would you like to have the very freshest, best tasting food readily available? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then a personalized garden from Three Sisters Farm is perfect for you.

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Organic Jungle Shield

Ring Gardens 

A sustainable gardening system ripe with possibility

Ring gardens, like those grown at Three Sisters Farm, utilize the principles of sustainable agriculture, companion planting, and soil building to create a lasting and beautiful ecosystem within a relatively small space.  Ring gardens maximize planting space and once installed, are easy to maintain and grow.  The ring structure and the practice of companion planting create a lush and fruitful garden, where yields are great.  One of the greatest benefits of the ring model is that the value of the garden increases each year with minimal labor.   The soil, a key element in any garden, becomes richer and more fertile with every passing season, due largely to the incorporation of composting within the ring.


Home Grown Greens ~ An attitude and concept of Life
Heirloom Vegetable, Herb & Flower Gardens
Food is the First Medicine, Living food, Grow it Yourself to connect.
Living Food , Gardening Supplies


Sustainable authentic agriculture means that the food produced was grown locally, using renewable inputs. Authentic means that you know who and where the food you are eating came from and could visit the farm if you want to. The grower sells direct to the folks who are eating the food. This dynamic is the heart of a growing movement back to the land where a small farmer, on 2-5 acres, can profitably be a market gardener, make a decent living and never leave home to do it�.. live where you work. This is really a network of small farmers or refarmers who have the potential to revolutionize how food is grown and distributed. It is the rebirth of the family farm with the express purpose of creating a high quality life style for the farmer and his or her family while providing the finest, freshest, living food for many more.

The Way of the Seed

The Way of the Seed is a practical guide to living based on growing your own food in a sustainable, natural and consciously connected manner. It requires a simple attitude of patient, nurturing stewardship that can yield a secure and grounded concept of who and what you are in the grand and glorious circle of life. The eye of the gardener fattens the fruit.

The steps along the way are simple in concept but need to be done to the best of your ability. The first is fundamental:

Grow you own food. This is the beginning of a life style change that has opened up many to the nutritional, psychological and spiritual rewards of actually growing and eating food that you were a real part of creating. Tomatoes that you grow yourself will taste different and contain unique properties that are a result of the gardener�s care and spirit.  The act and process of feeding yourself produces a certain security of being that can not be purchased.

The human being is the most efficient source of labor when it comes to growing food in a sustainable and productive manner. Machines and automation have limited usage in the intelligence intensive natural garden where low cost, renewable organic elements and management replace massive chemical and industrial inputs known as commercial agriculture.

 We are about two things, one, growing your own food as much as possible and two, reviving the family farm in a holistic way of life, farming refarmed to our day and age.