Live Gardens and Salad Bowl

24 Plug Garden

Here is a 24 plug Heirloom Garden made up of:

4 Brandywine Tomatoes
4 Green Zebra Tomatoes
4 Green Bunching Onions
4 Purple Basil
4 Detroit Red Beets
2 Cilantro
2 Sweet Green Basil

Here is a close up of the a tomato, a purple basil and a Chinese cabbage showing the “Ready to Grow” root system. These plugs are hardy, easy to plant and a lot of fun.

7 Heirloom Plugs

Detroit Beet
Green Zebra Tomato
Bunch Onion
Brandywine Tomato
Purple Basil
Chinese Cabbage


Salad Bowl Mix

Purple Basil
Bibb Lettuce
Lemon Mint

These bowls can be made of many different lettuces, herbs and spices.
Garden in a tray
Garden in a tray, side shot
Oh yes

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