Never before seen photos of Toes the wonder cat and PeeDoo the Fierce...

Peedoo on patrol. I know that many of you will want to know how Peedoo got his name and other barkagraphical information. Not to worry an entire book is on the way chronicling his exciting life, from the pet store, where he was ransomed and immediately grabbed a piece of Christmas tinsel rope and ran wildly through the store until we could corner him by the bird seed display ........... even then he showed remarkable stubbornness and a nose for trouble. Notice his longness. It was impossible to fit him into the camera.

Her royal meoweness watching over .... Cat worshipers will all see Toe's almost mystical markings as proof positive of wonderfulness. Oh gerrrrrr, Oh Meowww



The wonderful PawPaw dance used on occasions where the ultimate level of joyful submission is required, also it should be noted that the tail, many times, makes a magical whirly copter movement that is so nice... 

Totty Roady rising up for a little petting scratch rub

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