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Rare Heart

Universal Birthright
The seed of civilization

We agree that �. 

Universal Birthright is the entitlement due by the sole virtue of birth. The Universal Birthright of every child born on the earth is to have a fair share of the land and resources of the planet. This is an Earth Claim made by the authority of agreement and the simple foundation of equality.  We all have an equal right and claim to the earth and the fullness thereof.  We are the same and equal.

This birthright is shared and individual. All resources under the earth, water, oil, metals, minerals and treasures are the collective trust and stewardship of all mankind and are to be divided justly for the good of all. Anything grown or created above ground is for the administration of those who did it, without limit. Birthright has shared rights and responsibilities alongside the individual sovereignty of land stewardship.

This view of universal birthright has been the dream of all oppressed people of every persuasion, race and belief. Universal Birthright is fundamental to the idea that all men and women were created equal and a simple moral expression of what equality means. A fair and equal share of the collectively held resources enables the survival of adequate self government. The collected resources of history are the wealth of nations. 

Wealth or Prosperity? Choose One 

Wealth is the accumulation of resources. All resources come from the earth, everything we have comes from the extracted or harvested bounty of the planet thru the endless labor of people everywhere. That labor and those resources are collected by our commercial system, moved around, sold and the gain becomes wealth, gathered and stored up blood, sweat and time.

Most accumulated wealth is currently held by a very few, principalities, powers, corporations, governments, cartels, institutions and other organizations It is being wasted by a system dedicated to making the earth a den of competing, thief merchants and the people consumer drunk slaves. 

The Apocalypse or opening of the idea of universal birthright is the social uncovering of the end of one way and the beginning concept of another. So we can realistically think about starting civilization afresh with a new beginning based on a simple agreement, easily comprehended by   children around the world and capable of turning the course of history.

The power of Agreement, the Power of One 

Universal Birthright is an agreement that the people of the Earth can make and by making, found a new beginning, a renewed moral and social foundation, built on equality and common survival. This is authority based on conscious, free agreement and not on the power of the sword. When we agree, we become free and freely unite and together become stronger and more capable of sustaining life and creating a truly prosperous future.  Whatsoever we agree to in our hearts will manifest in the outer world. 

The agreement and support of the People is the beginning and end of all social authority.  All political and social elements must respond to the needs of the whole and defend the sustained rights of the people. This makes possible timely and large scale economic and social change using the prime authority of agreement, across all levels of life. 

Universal Birthright means we all have a share of these this resource we call the Earth. How could such an idea work? Where is all of the accumulated wealth of the past? What can we do today?  How fast can we make this happen?

The Social and Economic Theory of Wealth Tax 

A Wealth Tax is a tax on the accumulated wealth of an individual, company or organization. This includes real estate, stocks, bonds and others instruments of accumulation. This differs from income or capital gains taxes and applies typically to wealth accumulated over a time period.  The purpose of the wealth tax is to eliminate poverty by the scheduled restoring of economic, social and agricultural sustainability. 

This is a proposal for a one time tax rate of 10% on all accumulate wealth over $10,000,000. Calculations indicate that this would result in a one time fund of approximately $168,000,000,000,000 or 168 trillion. The economic implications depend upon what exactly would be done with that much capital and what the cascading effects on the national and world economy would yield. In other words, how the resources would be used is open and makes possible a. complete restructuring of human civilization.  

Wealth is like compost, it does no good in a pile and brings forth a bounty when spread around.


The New Homestead Act
Path to a Sustainable Future 

The purpose of the New Homestead Act is three fold; one, to establish a sustainable, organic based food production and distribution system based on renewable methods. Two, facilitate the acquisition, distribution and sustainable development of long term, family farm ownership. And, three, the development and large scale deployment of alternative energy systems including the transition to a hydrogen based energy source. 

How all of these goals may be advanced is illustrated best by example, Let us start with one, a One Thousand Acre tract of land.  Today, this land is being farmed using Agribusiness practices of corporate, industrial, petroleum based farming that treats the land  as a giant container for ultra large scale hydroponic production using the common water table as the last waste container for toxic runoff. The labor for these giant farms is the modern day equivalent of slavery, low pay, so called illegal immigrants or anyone willing to work in the most hazardous environment around for little pay. So this modern Agribusiness model is expensive, ecologically devastating, dependent upon foreign oil, socially sterile and morally reprehensible. Corporate Agribusiness ownership and control of farm land essential for the survival of all people is unsustainable and undesirable at all practical levels.  

Garden Village: An Alternative Example 

We start with the same 1000 acres and divide it up into 200, 5 acre garden groves. These small farms will be farmed by the folks who live on the land and share resources. A central community complex will provide equipment used in processing and packaging of village grown produce. These Garden Villages are designed to be energy and food producers, sustainable without degrading the environment. 

Potential Benefits of Wealth Tax 

The primary benefit of the wealth tax is in economic stimulation. The multiplier effect of spending that much money would be to grow the national economy by up to 500%.  

Payment and release of all debt, public and private, now at 16 trillion dollars 

New Homestead Act 

Establish sustainable food production system 

Large scale platform for hydrogen fuel deployment 

And others, this is the time for all good ideas to blossom.



The Water Crisis, A Practical Solution 

The Water crisis is the most serious problem humanity has ever faced. Water pollution has infused the entire food chain with neurotoxins, poisons and pharmaceuticals, all of which damage the health and survivability of man and planet.  The cause is our modern, water based sewer system.  We flush all of our disposables down the drain, into the sewer system where more chemicals are added and then finally pumped back into our water system. Water based sewer systems are the prime polluters and our use of them has proved to be full of unintended and unanticipated horrors. The use of water based sewer system wastes and contaminates the entire water supply with pollutants and nutrients that if captured and recycled, could provide sufficient agricultural nutrients to ensure a sustainable food supply. 

One practical solution to the water shortage is to replace our centralized water based sewer system with on site, waterless toilets and recycle grey water. Grey water is the water from the kitchen and shower and can be recycled, on site and reused for landscaping.  This will reduce our demand on the water source by 80 percent while simultaneously creating a sustainable, renewable, agricultural resource, namely, organic nitrogen.

No Mix toilets collect urine and feces in separate places, the toilet bowl has two drains, one, in the front for the urine and one in the back for the feces.  The feces are dry composted and the urine is processed for agricultural purposes.  Separating toilets protect the water supply and provide a renewable, safe, low cost source of nitrogen, enough to greatly reduce our dependence on foreign natural gas and oil.  The important key is to separate the valuable, nitrogen rich urine, human urine is 18% organic nitrogen, at the source, before it is mixed with feces and before it is flushed into the water supply. 

The economic potential of capturing human urine is stunning. Human urine is 18% organic nitrogen and has been used in agriculture for thousands of years.  Sweden, Germany, Holland and many other countries have been using and processing human urine for agricultural purposes and to protect the environment from water based sewer systems.  Human urine is the only renewable, sustainable and economically feasible source of nitrogen available to humanity and it is free. 

What is the economic value of human urine? Here is how it works, the value of comparative petroleum derived fertilizer with the same 18% nitrogen content is approximately $10.00 a gallon and requires a massive polluting industry that is not renewable. The average person produces 2 liters of urine a day or roughly $5.00 worth of organic nitrogen.  A city like Miami flushes down the drain 10 to 20 million dollars worth of nitrogen a day and spends another fortune to do it.  Integrated Recycling is the future of our economy and could replace taxation in funding community services. The cities will become fertilizer factories and urban and suburban farming and food production could provide a sustainable, local food supply.  Schools and churches could be nurseries and local gardening centers, hubs of city and urban agriculture and recycling.  This could be a sustainable, local system that is a renewable doable foundation for local economies. Local food production is the basis of all economies and the missing component in modern cities. 

This kind of integrated recycling is highly profitable and turns three life threatening problems, water shortage, water pollution and imported oil into one sustainable, environmentally positive and economically beneficial solution.

Water based sewer systems unnecessarily wastes and pollutes our most valuable resource, clean water.  There is only one water supply for the entire earth.  We share this single resource with 6.5 billion other humans and with all living organisms.  Water should be regarded as our most important natural resource and shared birthright.  Water is the first thing mankind must agree to share according to the highest collective principle. Water is the tie that binds us together, for better or for worse. 

Water is the blood of the earth and a true sacrament, something we all share, something that is absolutely necessary for life. We should not pollute the water supply with chemicals, insecticides or human disposables that can and should be recycled to insure a healthy and sustainable future. 

Modern, water based sewer systems could be the worst idea mankind has ever adopted. Common sense informs us not to defecate in the drinking water but that is exactly what we currently do in every city of the land.  We do it without thinking. That is the problem.  We are not thinking right. It is possible, conceivable, that the water crisis could be THE reason people begin to think of ourselves as truly united with everyone else on the planet, known and unknown, united in our fears, hopes and desires. 6.5 billion Separate destinies have become one destiny for us all � 




General Theory of Phylogenic Transfiguration 

The General Theory of Phylogenic Transfiguration is a fundamental description of how the multiple species of plants, animals, microbes, viruses and yet to be named life forms interact as a unified, data driven, interactable biosystem. A simple example of how �let your food be your medicine� can work from the perspective of Phylogenics. 

The use of urine in growing bioactive food 

Urine has been used for thousands of years to naturally fertilize gardens growing the entire spectrum of vegetables, greens and herbs. The value of urine as a totally organic source of nitrogen, potassium and phosphate has been known and documented by scientist and farmers alike the world over.

The use of urine as territorial markers by animals great and small is common knowledge and has been documented to contain much more information than just, �hey I was here or this is my spot�. Information about an animal�s health, state of fertility, potential genetic interest and other information necessary for survival.

Urine has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years and is still considered effective. 

What has not been known and understood is the role one�s urine could play in the growth and cultivation of food and herbs with unique bioactive properties and nutrients, designed specifically for an individual person, based in part on biological, metabolic and systemic information, contained in the individual�s urine and absorbed, processed and used by the plants to produce food tailored for one person. This food would contain all of the normal nutrients, in just the right proportions in addition to special biologics customized to counteract imbalances detected in the urine key. Urine contains all of the data, in just the right format, to trigger the whole ecosystem to produce the appropriate resources to grow, restore and change. In plain words everyone must grow their own food to have the access to the primordial fountain of youth. 

This concept implies the existence of a systemic, biological feed back system that is the basis of healing, growing and a bold step beyond evolution itself. Mankind is part of a larger, interlinked world that includes diverse forms of life acting in concert, according to information and directions formulated by our thought and transmitted by our way of life. Self-healing thru the death rebirth cycle of creation; initiated and maintained by conscious thought is a paradigm shift with more real, potential life enhancing power than all of the accumulated achievements of science and industry combined even if multiplied by the collective promises of all the visionaries, mystics, dreamers, poets, prophets here to for, all of that falls short of the reality of life, eternal health � all part of the plan �

There ain�t nothing like the real thing �..



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